Automatic Portable Water Pump Dispenser
Automatic Portable Water Pump Dispenser
Automatic Portable Water Pump Dispenser

Automatic Portable Water Pump Dispenser

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  • We all know that carrying up the big water bottle is very inconvenience, it is heavy and sometime it might hurt your back or arms, also if you have kids you need to help them everytime they need drink water. With this Automatic Water Pump Dispenser the problem solved with just one easy touch as easy as even kids can do it themselves.
  • It with electronic suction technology,  The dispenser can be charged by USB cable with adapter or power bank like cellphones. You can use it conveniently without messy cables. It also features low noise level of 20 - 40 dB. You can drink quietly and calmly. Enjoy the clean and safe drinking water.

    One-button effluent fast filling and durable, no pressure to press water to make it easier


    Automatic electric suction device for safe drinking, less bacteria and more secure
    USB cable charging for convenient use
    Low noise level of 20 - 40 dB to give you a quiet drinking environment
    ● Multi-purpose machine, compatible with different sizes of water bottles.
    ● Easy installation, no need of tools for assembling and disassembling
    ● Small size for easy carry, you can take it anywhere in home or on the journey.


    • Material ABS + 304 Stainless Steel 
    • Lithium Battery Charging Time 3 - 4 Hours
    • Apllicable Barrel type: Bottle water bucket / Threaded port PC bucket
    • Bucket Applicability
      4.5L / 5L / 7.5L / 10L / 11.3L / 15L / 18.9L
    • Power USB Charging 1800mAh
    • Voltage: 3.7V, Power: 5W
    • Size : 13cm x 6.3cm
    • Connector Type : USB


    1 x Water Pump,1 x Silicone Tube,1 x USB Charging Cable